Easy Crispy Chicken

I must admit I am not a huge chicken lover, but once in a while i do crave a good roast. I have two favorite ways of making it. The first one is my mom’s recipe I adapted and changed up a bit. It’s a combination of mayo and siracha that is rubbed all over the skin  and then roasted until crispy perfection. The second recipe I’ve learned recently but have completely fallen in love with. I was watching Food Network one night and Chef Michael Symon was visiting a friend that made this fantastic chicken. I knew it right then and there that I was going to love it. My version on it is simple, easy and delicious and doesn’t take a long time.  You can make your sides while the roast in in the oven. This recipe is great for a weeknight dinner or a dinner party.

A few nights ago I was in the mood for chicken and made this recipe with a delicious side of swiss chard, another super easy and healthy recipe. However the highlight of this dinner for me was the tomato salad. You might be asking yourself what’s a big deal about a tomato salad. Well, the tomatoes came from my first ever garden. I am so excited I actually grew them, since I am the girl that can’t keep a houseplant alive let alone grow a garden. The fantastic part is that I am also growing some herbs, peppers and eggplants. :) Love It.

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Ok enough babbling. Here is the recipe. :)

First you need to butterfly your chicken by cutting out the backbone. Then cut it down to two halves. Then season it. I found this fantastic seasoning rub at Whole Foods – Chimichurri. Love this stuff. This was all I had left, going to need to pick up some more my next trip to Whole Foods. If you can’t find this rub, just use some salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder.


Once you season the chicken, add some olive oil to a metal skillet (no plastic handles please), I prefer Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 12″ pan.Add chicken (bone side down) and into the oven it goes. At 350° until internal temperature reaches 180°, about 40 min.

The trick to a perfect chicken here is to baste it with its own juices every 10 min. At first you wont have much juice, but as it cooks, the juices will release.


My favorite way to have it is with my Avocado Sauce.  Click here for recipe.




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