Healthy Recipes Roundup

Do you consider yourself a health buff?

I often ask myself this question only to realize how much I still have to learn. I am just as passionate about food as I am about the benefits that it can deliver. That is why I continuously educate myself on the subject.

Healthy Recipes Roundup

It is estimated that 60% of disease is caused by the Standard America Diet, ironically abbreviated to S.A.D. If I was to list the factors that increase the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and intestinal disorders, S.A.D has them all: high in unhealthy fats, low in fiber, processed and overcooked.

I admire people who eat a raw diet with their glowy skin and remarkable levels of energy. Although I would love to be able to do so I can never eat a fully raw diet. I am just not satisfied, especially in the cold months of winter, unless I eat a hot meal. This doesn’t stop me from incorporating as much unprocessed fresh produce as I possibly can or want into my day.

In an effort to help you plan healthier meals and eat better I put together this great healthy recipes collection from some of the wonderful bloggers around. Enjoy!

 One Pot Pasta by Olives & Garlic

Potato, White Bean & Kale Vegan Soup by Tastes Lovely

Quinoa Poke Bowl by A Sunshiny Day

Pan Seared Salmon with Potato Hash by Family Fresh Cooking

Enchilladas with Cashew Poblano Crema by Love & Lemons

Tequilla Lime Fish Tacos by Love & Lemons

Vegetarian Bolognese Sauce by Olives & Garlic

Beet, Carrot and Pomegranate Salad by Foodie Crush

Roasted Vegetables by Table for Two



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